SupportPro™ Preventative Maintenance


千蠃国际网址Our Preventative Maintenance Technical Support (PMTS) program sends Hamer-Fischbein experienced technicians to your plant to analyze, adjust, maintain and repair your equipment. We will diagnose operational or maintenance issues and work with your technical team to install new parts or machine upgrades. Our techs can also provide operator training, review proper machine settings, and recommend a scheduled preventative maintenance program for your plant.

PMTS Extended Service Contracts

All PMTS service contracts are based up on a single packaging line and billed annually for the full contract amount. Parts orders will be discounted at the rate noted for the contract year. Service contract invoices need to be current for the field service or parts discounts to apply. For multiple packaging lines, your program will be quoted based upon specific plant requirements.

Robotic Palletizer Preventative Maintenance Program

Hamer-Fischbein now provides Yaskawa certified Preventative Maintenance千蠃国际网址 to ensure your robotic palletizer continues to operate at top performance.  Our program includes a full day on-site service review, full inspection of the drive train, lubrication of the robot, inspection of the main wire harness inside the robot arm, and identifying and solving any impending service problems before they impact your system and production.

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