SupportPro™ Yaskawa Certified Field Service Technicians

Robotic Palletizer Preventative Maintenance

What does the preventative maintenance program include? 

  • On-site service review (standard robotic palletizer field tech rates apply)
  • Full inspection of the drive train
  • Lubrication of the robot
  • Inspection of the main wire harness inside the robot arm
  • Identifying and solving any impending service problems before they impact your production

Hamer-Fischbein provides the only fully certified field service team for Yaskawa/Motoman Robotics. As an authorized provider and Yaskawa's leading systems integrator, we are able to provide the preventative maintenance you need to ensure that your robotic palletizer continues to operate at top performance. Our specialists combine on-the-field expertise backed by product support for your robotic palletizer.

Typically, your MPL series robot needs servicing every 5,000 servo-on hours, or every 18-24 months of use. (Sooner for harsh environment applications.)

Program Details


  • Visual inspection of robot for obvious exterior damage
  • Review End of Arm Tool for wear, check cables and connectors
  • Recommend replacement parts as needed
  • Inspect link arm for damage/looseness
  • Remove servo pack cooling fan assembly and inspect fans
  • Visual inspection of all terminals/connectors inside controller cabinet for looseness
  • Inspect programming pendant keypad, cable, and connectors for deformation/damage
  • Inspect all harnesses for wear
  • Inspect manipulator battery and replace if needed


  • Lubricate S/L/U-axis drives in accordance with applicable instruction manual procedures
  • Lubricate R/B/T-axis drives in accordance with applicable instruction manual procedures
  • Lubricate S-axis cross roller bearing & RV gear


  • Verify incoming power
  • Run system checks on all conveyors and palletizer system operation
  • Check alarm history; note most recent alarms to determine possible recurrent problems
  • Position robot to mechanical "千蠃国际网址" position. Verify proper 千蠃国际网址 calibration.
  • "Teach" a job to test manipulator through full range of motion, exercising all axes
  • Measure resistance of motor brake leads
  • Verify proper operation of the following:
    • Shock sensor
    • Robot recovery function
    • Programming pendant:
      • E-Stop
      • Hold
      • Play Button
Robotic Palletizers
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