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Experienced Help. There When You Need It.

As a service partner, Hamer-Fischbein SupportPro™  delivers equipment lifecycle and service management programs shaped to each customer's requirements. We are equipped to advance priority access to critical parts, deploy factory-trained equipment technicians on-site, and help execute an asset management plan including installation, start-up, preventative maintenance and modernization. Our dedicated team of service technicians deliver fast, knowledgeable toll free telephone, remote access programming and on-site technical assistance. We have always been 100% committed to our customers' success. We understand our relationship starts the day you install your equipment and Hamer-Fischbein SupportPro™  is here to ensure you maximize your equipment investment.

千蠃国际网址Our Technical Support professionals average over 14+ years of experience and have a unique combination of machine building and field service responsibilities. When you call for technical support you are immediately connected to an experienced, expert technician in machine operation with extensive real world applications in a manufacturing plant just like yours.

Our technical service team is skilled at diagnosing issues and taking corrective actions to minimize operational interruption. Hamer-Fischbein offers both on-site trouble shooting and remote diagnostics to ensure machine optimization, minimized costs, and a quick return to peak productivity.

千蠃国际网址We perform routine machine audits and have preventative maintenance initiatives to enhance the performance and longevity of our equipment. Hamer-Fischbein certified technicians offer multiple levels of training programs to increase the customer's level of expertise on their equipment. These programs can be performed at our Statesville, North Carolina facility, or at the customer's location.

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