Arpac Elite Stretch Wrapper

Pro Elite Stretch Wrapper

千蠃国际网址Arpac's PRO ELITE Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper is part of a line of low to no maintenance stretch wrappers, with easy to use controls and receipt storage.

  • Automatic Load Height Sensing
  • 3 Wrap Modes:
    • Bottom Wraps First
    • Top Wraps First
    • One Way Wrap
  • 10 Storable Load Recipes
  • Separate Up/Down Carriage Speeds
  • Electronic Film Tension Control
  • Security Access to Machine Settings
  • Cycle Counter
  • Dual Anti Stat Pre Stretch Rollers
  • Eco-friendly, durable, powder coating
  • Manual Jog Features for Turntable and Carriage
  • Auto 千蠃国际网址 Button for Turntable
  • LED Lighted Control Panel
  • 150% to 300% Pre Stretch Available
  • Available in High and Low Profile Turntables
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