Model 100GWB Gross Weigh Scale (Belt Feed)

100GWB Gross Weigh Belt Scale Thumb

千蠃国际网址The Model 100GWB Gross Weigh Belt Bagging Scale introduces next generation technology to gross weigh bagging and filling. This bagging scale is used for semi-free flowing products like wet feeds and others. The Model 100GWB Gross Weigh Scale has a compact design that fits most plants. The unique dual load cell design eliminated inaccuracies inherent in single load cell scales. This latest addition to our gross weigh scales is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

  • Up to 10 bags per minute
  • Dual load cell design
  • Accuracy +/- 2.0-3.0 oz (product dependent)
  • Weight range 10 lb to 100 lb (5 kg to 50 kg)
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Bulk or bulk/dribble filling
  • Rice Lake 720i digital weight indicator
  • Automatic bag present
  • Bag clamp/start switch
  • Simple operation/set up
  • Bulk/Dribble fill with 2-speed VFD controlled belt, and 1/2 hp belt drive motor
  • Lag drive/wing take up pulley
  • Cut-off gate
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