Model HGB Gross Weigh Mechanical Scale


千蠃国际网址The Hamer Model HGB™ mechanical bagging scale is simple and efficient, offering an economical solution to gross weigh bagging in a small, easy to use package.    This solid construction scale uses a mechanical counter balance weight set. The Model HGB is easy to install, low cost to operate and requires minimal maintenance.  It requires no electrical or compressed air and is an economical solution for manual bagging free-flowing granular products, such as fertilizers, sugar, salt, plastic pellets, seed or animal feed.


• 6 to 8 BPM fill rate
• Accuracy: +/- 7.0 oz (200 g), product dependent
• Easy weight adjustment
• Weight range 10 Lb to 150 Lb (5 Kg to 70 Kg)
• Mechanical indicator for weight variance
• Adjustable flow control gate
• In feed size: 7 in x 9 in (17.8 x 22.8 cm)

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