PBC 6000 SS Pinch Bag Closer (Stainless Steel)

PBC6000 - Corrosion Resistant

The Fischbein Model PBC 6000 SS NEMA 4X wash down version is a heavy duty, stainless steel sealer specifically designed to be used with pinch style multi-wall paper bags in extremely corrosive environments.  The stainless steel PBC features a continuous sealing process using Teflon® coated technology and a high efficiency heater that instantly folds and seals the top of the pre-glued pinch bag.  A variable speed, direct drive system provides greater production on automated lines, sealing up to 75 linear feet per minute. A patented breakaway design reduces costly downtime caused by bag jams, while allowing easier access for cleaning and service.

  • 303/304 stainless steel frame, fabricated parts, fasteners, control boxes, and air cylinder
  • Wash down NEMA 4X electrics including motors
  • Seals a variety of pre-glued multi-wall, paper pinch-style bags.
  • Sift resistant closures makes it perfect for powders and granulated chemicals, pesticides fertilizer, pet-food and food products.
  • Bag top air scrubber removes product debris from seal area
  • Safe and easy to use control panel a with digital temperature display and a keypad for variable speed control.
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